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The Bakewell Osteopathy Clinic has established a strong reputation from years of quality service and treatments. Here you can hear testimonials from our valued patients:

  • Andy Beaumont, Flixtin. South Manchester

    I had surgery on back seven years ago and seen physiotherapists, Chripractors, had acupuncture and exhausted all possibilities. I have just completed the IDD programme and it has been a life changing experieince and I am now finally pain free.


  • Hannah Gibbs, Anslow, Burton-on-Trent

    I elected to have IDD instead of surgery as I felt there much less risk involved. After 11.5 years of continuous back pain I am now pain free and according to my family I am a much happier person!! IDD therapy meant that I could carry working and it was gentle and non-invasive


  • Sue Brown, Buxton

    I retired as a nurse because of my lower back pain and I was told my only options were long term management through painkillers or surgery and I did not want to go down that route. I read about IDD Therapy and pleased to say that I am almost finally pain free


  • Rob Singleton, Buxton

    I have been in pain free for 20 nyears and it has ruled my life. It was so bad that sometimes I would collapse in the street and painkillers just did no help. Now I forget that In have pain and the odd bit I do have is easlily manageable and I feel I have a whole new lease of life.


  • Andrew Elliott, Bakewell

    A trip the local osteopath would ussually sort me out but over the last eigjhteen months my lower back pain would just not go away leaving surgery as the only option. After IDD the pain level has now dropped from a 6-7/10 to 1/10 and now I do not feel as if I have to manage or protect my lower back at all while I do my plumbing


  • M.W. Bakewell

    Polly provides excellent guidance in a clear way that means you can change your life for the better.


  • J.H. Chesterfield

    After years of yo-yo dieting and having been being diagnosed with Glandular Fever and Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME), I decided that I needed professional help to achieve a better quality of life.

    Initially I talked to my doctor and then had several visits to an acupuncturist but none of these helped me to achieve my aim of lowering my weight and increasing my wellbeing. I had read about the benefits of proper nutrition and decided to seek professional help and advice.


  • A.T. Matlock

    I was delighted with Polly's nutritional advice on the management of my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Following taking a detailed history, she provided me with practical suggestions for my future diet and lifestyle.

    These did not involve the taking of any supplements but ensured that the foods I eat contain all the essential vitamins and minerals for general health. I do not need regular appointments, but contacted Polly again for advice after taking medication for an unconnected condition.


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