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At the Bakewell Osteopathy Clinic, we treat a wide range of conditions effecting people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles. We have organised these symptoms into the following areas for your convenience:

  • Hand and Wrist

    Hand and Wrist

    Hand and wrist pains can be very common among people within a variety of ages and backgrounds, and can range in severity, lifestyles.

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  • Elbow Pain

    Elbow Pain

    From tennis elbow and golfer's elbow right up to referred pain from the neck, elbow pains can be diverse and problematic for daily activities.

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  • Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder Pain

    From frozen shoulders to rotator cuffs, dislocation and calcification, we treat a wide range of shoulder pain symptoms.

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  • Neck and Upper Back Pain

    Neck and Upper Back Pain

    Pains related to the neck and upper back can range from a headache through to more severe pains when moving around in general

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  • Spinal Pain

    Spinal Pain

    Back pain is our main area of specialty. Contact us today if you have any problems, pains or aches in any area along your spine.

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  • Knee and lower leg pain

    Knee and lower leg pain

    Knee injuries are particularly common among active sportsmen and women, but also effect the elderly,and people who have had a previous accident.

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  • Hip and Thigh Pain

    Hip and Thigh Pain

    Although more frequent in people who enjoy sports and running activities, hip and thigh pains are common in people of all ages.

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  • Ankle and Foot pain

    Ankle and Foot pain

    Whether you lead an active lifestyle or spend a lot of time in a single position, ankle and foot pains can develop over time to make life uncomfortable.

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